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About CBM Garage Services

Early CBM Garage Services

Here at CBM we have invested in the very latest garage equipment to enable us to give the customer a dealership service without the dealership cost. You can be assured that if you have entrusted your car to us it has been carefully treated and worked on with care. With all of our work you are more than welcome to inspect any old parts that have been replaced on your vehicle with a detailed explanation for total clarity and your peace of mind.

We have installed the very latest spec class IV, V Light & VII Computerised A.T.L. M.O.T. lane capable of lifting 5 tonne. This spec reduces the human element of the test and ensures that your vehicle has an unbiased test.

BMW on ramp

Vehicles that we can currently test include quads, cars, motorhomes (up to 5 tonne), minibuses and all vans up to 3.5 tonne.

We have also invested in other state of the art equipment such as fully automatic Air Conditioning servicing equipment which is able to tell the condition of the system before and after servicing. This has proved to be a big hit with customers who have had their systems maintained unsuccessfully by other local fast fit garages.

We pride ourselves on being able to work on a wide variety of cars, ranging from a Ford Escort to a fully loaded current BMW 7 Series.

BMW and XR3i

At CBM we have over 20 years' experience of M.O.T. testing and over 35 years' experience of vehicle maintenance and repairs.

We also offer component refurbishment such as a brake caliper or exhaust, right up to a full engine and running gear refurbishment. There is also an ultrasonic cleaner on site for cleaning those old carburettors that have been sat in the garage too long.